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Our story started Spring of 2014 in the State of Arkansas. We began our adventure after transforming from a small advertising agency into a digital marketing agency. Times were changing and moving forward was calling for complete transformation of our own business direction...
Started in Arkansas.
Since then, we have grown into a Full-Stack digital marketing agency with the expertise and experience to drive your business forward. We are now the #1 Full Stack Digital Marketing Agency and Local SEO provider in Arkansas and have recently begun offering our Local SEO service internationally to Canada, UK as well as the rest of the USA.

We began with one clear vision, become a leading Full-Stack agency, do everything, do it well. What makes us unique is we focus on the bigger picture at all steps, which is overall growth, right? Yes, we specialize in Local SEO as it's a solid foundation for all other services we may recommend to drive sales or achieve goals. Even through COVID, we've seen more success combating the decline in business across all industries by leveraging more focus on Local SEO. Everything we do, we try to find a way to benefit the clients Local efforts!
Competent Staff
We have always strived to make sure that we take great care of our staff and partners. Over the years, we have learned that skilled specialists for a full-stack agency do not grow on trees. This has, for short periods, been so true that we have had to say no to new customers in the past. Which, of course, is not fun! However, we have always had the clear mindset that no matter how big we become, we should never lose the personal and genuine touch in our contact with our customers.

We feel it's important to find the strengths of each employee in their workplace, so that they can really thrive and find success with their task. Because we know that is is the little things, that extra mile that makes the big difference. If you are having fun at work and you are doing what you love, it will show in the end result.

We are constantly working to further train our own team and develop our employees and everyone involved with the same vision, that they can cross-train and climb to any height within the organization, we believe that with the right will and attitude, anything is possible.

Meet the Team

George Farris


Chris Riley

Digital Director

Trang Nguyen

Design & Social Manager

Complete SEO Agency

We offer our customers a complete solution where we can meet all the needs when it comes to digital marketing, however, we know that we can not be the best at everything, even if we obviously wanted to. We have a number of industry colleagues that we are happy to refer to in unique cases where more in-depth expertise is required, because we know that for you as a customer it is almost impossible to "choose the right" player by just reading websites.

Real People to Contact

As a customer with us, you will always speak to a real person within our own organization. We have specialist for each department and when needed, you can even be assigned a dedicated representative. This is because we ourselves know how hard it is to retell things and that it takes time to get to know each unique customer and their vision. To work with SEO and succeed in the long run, it requires an ongoing dialogue. With our Customer dashboards you can manage things with us, access regular reports, submit tickets, review proposals or billing, and so much more.


We should always sit on the latest expertise when it comes to SEO. We stay constantly updated on everything that happens and constantly train our entire staff.


We know that with the right amount of will and determination, you can go far. We always pick our employees with care and with a genuine interest to train and grow with them.


We believe in honesty and never use "Half-truths". We want you to know the Good, Bad, and in-between, to always feel confident in us as your agency. We never exaggerate or "promise".

Galifrey - Agency

We are a full stack agency focusing on local businesses. With search engine optimization, we help our customers acquire new customers every month through the world's largest search engine, Google.
Customer Dashboards
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