Are you ready to innovate the industry with us?

Why us?

Here at Galifrey we have always believed that the happiness of our staff is vital. Happy employees mean happy customers, you can't value one and not the other. With a little extra work, everyone wins!

If you have fun at work and what you think is fun, then it will show in the final results.

We are constantly working to further train and developer our employees, if you personally have a vision to climb within the digital world with our company, We believe that with the right will and attitude, anything is possible!

George Farris

Chief Executive Officer
"You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away."
- The Doctor

Chris Riley

Digital Director
"A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting." 
- The Doctor

Trang Nguyen

Design & Social Manager
"If you step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race."
- The Doctor

Grow with us

Galifrey is a fast-growing company that does full-stack agency work. We started in the Spring of 2014 in Russellville, AR and we are now looking for more employees for our team as we continue to grow our Local SEO Services throughout the United States & Canada.

Our work environment is very creative, efficient, and every day is an opportunity for new challenges and constant excitement. We are constantly working to make sure that our customers have an incredible experience both digitally and of course with our own personal touch

Our vision is to become the countries leading SEO Agency for Local Search Engine Optimization. What makes us unique however, is out highly revered, Local SEO service, which has helped local businesses all over increase their phone calls, website traffic, and just results in all other digital efforts.


We should always sit on the latest expertise when it comes to SEO. We stay constantly updated on everything that happens and constantly train our entire staff.


We know that with the right amount of will and determination, you can go far. We always pick our employees with care and with a genuine interest to train and grow with them.


We believe in honesty and never use "Half-truths". We want you to know the Good, Bad, and in-between, to always feel confident in us as your agency. We never exaggerate or "promise".

Galifrey - Agency

We are a full stack agency focusing on local businesses. With search engine optimization, we help our customers acquire new customers every month through the world's largest search engine, Google.
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