Be visible on all platforms

Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Foursquare are a selection of the partners we have directly connected APIs with. This means that our system syncs in real time and contributes to your company being visible and  protected automatically on all these platforms. In addition to these, we also have integrated maps, Home Assistants, GPS systems and company directories.


Credibility with Google

The reason you should be visible on all these platforms with your business information is because they have high credibility with Google.

For every credible platform where you appear on with accurate and consistent information, you as a company earn a "voice" in Google's eyes. For any platform where you appear with incorrect information, it can be directly harmful to your company.

Google wants to be able to feel confident that the information presented on your Google My Business profile is 100% accurate. This in turn means that Google chooses to show your company higher up in the search results when a search is made for your type of service or product.

Manage your business 
from a login

We want to make it easy for you as an business owner to keep track of your company information. Being visible with accurate and consistent information is something that both your customers and Google love. Win-Win!

With Galifrey, you can manage all company tasks in real time from one and the same platform. Do you have special opening hours during midsummer or Christmas? Change in one place. Do you have an offer to communicate on all platforms? Post in one place! Have you received a review on any of your profiles? Answer in one place.

Post posts in the digital ecosystem

From our platform, you also have the opportunity to post both news, offers, and posts on all connected platforms. You can, for example, post a post that you have a new product in the range on Facebook, Google, Cylex, Brownbook, WhereTo, Find Open and Navmii, with a single keystroke. This makes it clear to both your customers and Google what the message is and to help spread it!

Do you have a temporary offer? Stand out from the crowd against your competitors by posting it directly visible on your Google My Business profile in the search results! It is not only important to be seen high up on Google, it is also important that when your customer sees your profile, it should look good and create results!

Gut Feeling Decisions

Which company have you chosen? And why?

The answer is quite obvious but also makes it very clear how much an "overall impression" actually does. Without any background, we assess a company and the choice becomes extremely easy, and that is why we always spend an extreme amount of time on actually making it look good.

Our Partners

(Always growing!)

Search Engines

Google Search
Bing Search

Social Networks & Apps


Maps & Navigations Services

Google Maps
Where To?
Apple Maps

General Publishers

Find Open
Judys Book
My Local Services
Yellow Pages


Data Axle

Voice Search & Home Assistants

Apple Siri
Google Assistant
Microsoft Cortana
You might ask...

Why pick Galifrey?

Galifrey Customer:

You ask 20 very credible people if they know of a particular company. They then answer yes and tell what the company is doing, tell a short description about the company, where the company is located and what their phone number is. Surely it would then feel safe for you to contact them?

NOT Galifrey Customer:

Now imagine instead that you ask the same 20 people if they know of another company. 12 respond that they have never heard of the company. 4 people say that the company is located on Main Street. 2 people say that they are located on Knoxville Ave. and the last 2 people give two different telephone numbers. Do you feel convinced that the information was correct? Probably not.
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We are a full stack agency focusing on local businesses. With search engine optimization, we help our customers acquire new customers every month through the world's largest search engine, Google.
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